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SELC Node on Light

Transitioning to LED


energy savings

when a SELC node is deployed with LED lights

Utilities and cities around the world are realizing the benefits associated with LED street lights. Reducing energy usage. Lowering maintenance costs. Creating a safer community. The transition from High Intensity Discharge (HID) to LED has been transformative and is a great first step, but it shouldn't be the only one. To realize all of LED's benefits, adding lighting control is critical.

Taking the Next Step Towards Lighting Control

By installing lighting control modules along with software and the right communication network, utilities and cities can actively manage both LED and legacy bulbs. Centralized lighting controls pay for themselves in lower energy and maintenance costs, and they future-proof LED investments by providing ongoing adaptation of local lighting levels.

Last year, SELC lighting control modules saved:


How Do You Benefit From Smart Lighting Control?



Identify outages automatically minimizing the downtime for darkened public spaces. This creates a safer community and improves quality of life for everyone.



Control lighting levels, reduce energy use and take advantage of smart city applications. Lighting control is the cornerstone of any smart city.



Monitor voltage, track assets and proactively address streetlight problems. This is next-level operational efficiency.

Supported Networks

The VantagePoint® lighting control solution seamlessly integrates SELC modules, central management software and the FlexNet® communication network into one cohesive system that controls and automates your street lights.

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With centralized monitoring, simplified controls, and real-time alerts, Itron helps you manage assets, detect lighting failures, and act as a foundation for your smart city. Over 500 communities have chosen Streetlight.Vision as their central management software.

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Installing Streetlights Without Lighting Control Is Not Smart

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