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Providing Lighting Control Solutions to Smart Cities and Utilities Around the World

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Why Lighting Control?

Saves Energy

Reduces Maintenance

Improves Safety

Proper lighting where we live, work and play is an expectation. Whether you manage a utility, campus or city, smart lighting provides more control of your street lights, saving energy, reducing maintenance costs and improving safety.


Copenhagen, Denmark

By collaborating with Itron, Citelum and SELC, Copenhagen was able to deploy an enhanced city lighting system designed to improve energy efficiency, lower operational costs, enable remote lighting management and control and improve safety.

Reliability and Innovation Are in Our DNA


30+ years of experience providing high quality and reliable lighting control solutions.


<0.1% failure rate means you only need to roll a truck once—when installing the control node.


0.5% revenue-grade metering accuracy means you can monitor usage with extreme confidence.


1.1 million+ SELC nodes are deployed around the world—creating a safer and smarter place to live.

Installing Streetlights Without Lighting Control Is Not Smart

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