SET 45-18-R2 Time Switch

  • A choice of settings, outputs and functions
  • 2 x 10A load handling capability
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Battery program protection
  • Illuminated user interface
  • Universal power supply
  • Twin security feature
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Factory programming facility
  • The perfect Time Clock or Time Switch for Display lighting, Amenity lighting, Security lighting, Street lighting, Sign lighting, Heating and ventilation



Programming: Output # 1 - Lighting

8 user programmable settings. Solar on, 3 Normal off, 3 Normal on, Solar off.

Each setting can be active on any combination of week days “ Solar on” and “Solar off” settings are automatically adjustable in relation to the changing sunset and sunrise times respectively
throughout the year. This data is pre-programmed for a specific latitude.

Programming: Output # 2 - Heating/Air Conditioning

12 user programmable settings 6 Normal On, 6 Normal Off. Each setting can be active on any combination of week days. A two digit security code must be entered before programming the product.
Man key Allows controlled settings to be temporarily switched on or off. This may also be accomplished remotely by connecting a momentary action (normally open) switch to the remote “MAN” terminal
block on the product.
Power Supply (Ph to N) 85-265V, 50/60Hz.The SET 45-18 should be protected by means of an external 20A ultra rapid fuse on the Ph supply to the product.
Output #1 Relay Assisted Triac (RAT) output capable of switching loads up to 10A reactive.
Output #2 Relay Assisted Triac (RAT) output capable of switching loads up to 10A reactive.
Maximum current 20A (10A maximum per Output)
Time Base Accuracy ± 1 second per day @ 20˚C
Battery Back Up Reserve 1 year when fully charged
Dimensions Height-90mm,Width-70mm, Depth-73mm (4 modules wide as per DIN 43880).
Mounting Suitable for mounting on a symmetric 35mm DIN Rail.
Connections 4mm2 maximum conductor size.
Enclosure Flame Retardant Plastic. Enclosure has sealable transparent cover to prevent unauthorised tampering with product.
Enclosure Protection IP20
User interface LCD display (backlit when mains supply present). Three key membrane keypad (illuminated when mains supply present)
Operating Temperature -10˚C to +45˚C
EMC Meets the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC for product safety as amended by 93/68/EEC
Product Type Electronic I.Y.T., Software Class A. Not suitable for controlling loads where secure disconnection during conditions of mains abnormality is essential to safety.


  • Display lighting
  • Amenity lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Sign lighting
  • Heating and ventilation

The SET 45-18-R2 Multiple Features

  • Easy to programme – just two keys with a manual key for test purposes
  • Modular design for ease of installation into electrical cabinets and consumer units Backlit LCD display with clear indications of settings
  • An internal NiMH battery pack with charger gives backup in the event of power failure for one year
  • Unique facility enabling programming of the control mechanism while disconnected from the mains supply provided the battery is charged
  • Automatic leap year correction
  • Automatic winter and summer time adjustment, which can be de-activated if not required Capable of numerous programmable functions
  • Security code prevents unauthorised programming
  • User Programmable Latitude

1. A choice of settings and functions

Output #1 has eight switch settings, two of which tracks sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. Output #2 has twelve switch settings.

2. A combined clock, solar clock and calendar

The range has an internal clock calendar tracking the year, month, day, hour, minute and second.

This can be set to the minute, automatically compensating for leap years and the change from summer (BST) to winter time (GMT). The solar clock tracks sunrise and sunset, and can be used to switch lighting as for photocell switching.

3. Load handling capability

The SET 45-18 has twin Relay Assisted Triac (RAT) Outputs. Loads can be switched up to a maximum of 10A per output. The unique RAT switch has been designed for switching reactive loads.

Maximum current per output is 10 Amps.

4. Ease of installation

The SET 45-18 is DIN rail mountable, allowing easy installation in existing locations such as control cabinets with consumer units.

5. Ease of maintenance

To facilitate maintenance, loads connected to the unit can be manually switched on and off using the override (MAN) key. When the internal clock reaches an ‘on’ or ‘off’ setting the device will return to programmed switchings.

6. Battery protection of time settings

1 year at 20˚C from date of manufacture from internal rechargeable NiMH battery. Batteries are not drained by circuit when product is connected to mains supply. Program settings are maintained for 100 years.

7. Illuminated user interface

Backlit LCD and illuminated keys facilitates viewing and programming in dark locations.

8. Universal power supply

Allows the control to operate from 85V to 265V 50/60Hz. This feature allows the SET 45-18 to operate in world markets.

9. Twin security feature

A two digit security code must be entered to allow the user to program the SET 45-18. In addition, the front cover can be made tamper proof.

10. Comprehensive technical support

Contact us directly to discuss your particular requirements.

11. Factory programming facility available

This product can be supplied with customer’s switching requirements pre-programmed.

Warning: ISOLATE FROM MAINS SUPPLY BEFORE MAKING CONNECTIONS. At switch on the switched output is internally connected to the Ph terminal. OP1 and OP2 are always momentarily connected internally to Ph at power up through normally closed relay contacts. A leakage current of less than 1 milliAmpere flows through each load in the off state. This product contains semiconductor power switching components. This product should be installed by qualified personnel and must be mounted in a protective enclosure. This product is suitable for mounting in an enclosure suitable for mounting modular products as per DIN43880.