SELC SmartStar® Gear Tray Solution

  • Retro fit, easy install white light alternative to LEDEasy and quick retro fit installation
  • Pre-fabricated gear tray to suit the lantern
  • White light alternative to LED
  • Pre-configured SELC SmartStar® ballast can be CMS anddimming ready if required
  • Complete with associated wiring and lamp holder
  • Suitable for any lantern type
  • Compatible with SELC 45-150W ballasts as standard(250W on request)
  • Lamp holder to suit lamp



Gear Tray  
Gear Tray Material Alumunium
Suitable for Lamp Type All
Dimensions Custom built to customer requirements
SmartStar® Ballast
Wattage 45W – 150W As standard (higher wattages on request)
Power Factor Typically >0.98
Dimensions 184mm X 78mm X 46mm
Power Consumption <1 watt
Lamp Types All Types of HID Lamps
Lamp Types Applicable parts of BS5972

SELC SmartStar® Gear Tray Solution

Low cost alternative white light source with electronic control gear

An all-in-one energy saving solution from SELC. The SmartStar® Gear Tray Solution combines a gear tray with lamp holder, ballast and lamp at a very competitive price.  This solution enables you to convert from magnetic to electronic control gear with a white light source. If required the ballast also comes with dimming and central management system capabilities. The all in one solution is designed to install quickly, easily and ensure minimise time on site. This allows for large scale replacement schemes in short or restricted timescales. 

Used with a SELC photocell additional energy savings can be made with part night lighting. When replacing magnetic gear there may not be any need to throw away the entire luminaire. Get the most out of your street lighting assets by retro-fitting the SELC gear tray solution.