SELC AcRo Photocell

    • Unique finger grip base
    • 6 year guarantee (subject to SELC Terms & Conditions)
    • Ambient accurate light sensing
    • IP65 sealed electronics
    • Omni directional accurate colour corrected silicon sensor
    • State-of-the-art SELC AcRo load switching technology
    • 120 joule mains lightning suppressor 220 joule on request
    • Capable of switching 2 x 250W or 1 x 400W HID lighting loads
    • Designed to survive all types of outdoor conditions
    • One part easy to install coloured base section
    • Light sensor drift zero over 6 years under outdoor conditions
    • Circuit power consumption <0.25W
    • Designed for powering LED & HID/SOX street lights
    • Low profile enclosure



      Switching Levels 70 / 55 / 35 LUX options
      Housing UV stabilised polycarbonate with unique finger grip base
      Enclosure Sealing IP65
      Ratios 1:1 & 1:0.5
      Guarantee 6 years (subject to SELC Terms & Conditions)
      Rated Load 1 x 400W HID Or 2 x 250W HID
      Maximum Load Current 7 Amps
      Temperature Range -40˚C to +70˚C (-40˚F to +158˚F)
      Circuit Power Consumption <0.25Watts
      Manufacturing Standard IS EN ISO 9001:2008
      Photocontrol Standard Applicable parts of BS5972

      EN55015, EN61547 EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3

      UMSUG Code

      94 0001 1000 100


      Tailored for today’s market and giving our customers a competitive, alternative and reliable solution. AcRo Cell photocells are available from stock to ensure we can support turn key projects through to asset replacement schemes.

      This NEMA twist lock socket configured photocell has a unique fingergrip base for ease of installation. The AcRoCell is suitable for use on mains power systems operating between 195-265V (50/60Hz) and incorporates a unique switching technology within an IP65 sealed enclosure.

      This unique switching technology ensures that power loss is negligible when carrying the load and ensures that up to 10 Amps of inductive power can be switched without overheating or switch breakdown.

      Manufactured using new state of the art automated production machinery to: I.S. EN ISO 9001:2008 audited manufacturing standards. The SELC ACRO Photocells comply with all the EU Directives Applicable to outdoor electronic apparatus.

      Key Benefits of The ACRO Cell
      • Omni Directional Accurate Colour Corrected Silicon Sensor
      • IP65 Sealed Electronics
      • Diakon Acrylic Enclosure
      • State-of-the-are SELC ACRO Load Switching Technology
      • 120 Joule Mains Lightning Suppressor 220 Joule on Request
      • Capable of Switching 1800 HID Lighting Loads
      • Designed to Survive All Type of Outdoor Conditions
      • One Part easy To Install Coloured Base Section
      • Light Sensor Drift Zero Over 6 Years Under Outdoor Conditions
      • Circuit power consumption <0.25W
      • Designed for Powering LED & HID/SOX Street Lights
      • Low Profile Enclosure

        Highest quality design, manufacture and test techniques employed

        All products tested 100% x 3

        • 100% Electrical test
        • 100% 48 hour burn-in
        • 100% Final inspection