SELC North Facing One Part Photocell 8483

    • Very accurate light sensing
    • North facing ambient light sensor window
    • Relay Assisted Triac (RAT) switching up to 1800VA, 1000W
    • IP67 sealed enclosure when fitted
    • Plastic cover with a DIAKON™ acrylic North facing window ensuring good ambient light transmission during its lifetime
    • One part – easy to install
    • Energy saving
    • Control of all type of HID and LED lighting (HID loads up to a maximum of 1800VA, 1000W)
    • Switch “ON” and “OFF” better than other photocells
    • An expected lifetime in excess of 25 years
    • Automatic switch “ON” and “OFF” of all types of outdoor lighting



      Operating Voltage 105 to 305 volts 50/60 Hz
      Load Rating 1800VA, 1000W
      Load Current Continuous 16A maximum
      Load Current (inrush) 168 amps, 60 Hz 1 cycle
      Switch Type Relay Assisted Triac (RAT)
      Switch “ON” Level 3 fc standard, other switch “ON” light levels on request
      Switch “ON” Ratio 1:0.5 (inverse ratio) standard. Other ratios on request
      Switch On Time Delay 20 seconds as standard, others on request
      Switch Off Time Delay 20 seconds as standard, others on request
      Light Sensor Silicon integrated photodiode and amplifier with spectral and angular response approximating that of an accurate colour-corrected cosine photometer
      Power Consumption 350mW nominal @ 230V AC
      Surge Protection 320V, 320J (2ms) Metal Oxide Varistor
      Operating Temperature -40˚F to +158˚F (-40˚C to +70˚C)
      Enclosure Material DIAKON™ acrylic
      Enclosure Sealing IP67 (EN 60529) When fitted
      Guarantee 10 Years
      Manufacturing Standard IS EN ISO 9001:2008
      Fail-on/Fail-off Must be specified in advance
      Note ANSI C136.10 does not specify an enclosure colour for a fail-off control with a 105–305 Voltage range

      The SELC 8483 photocontrol incorporates a customised photodiode with a spectral filter approximating the performance of an accurate colour and cosine corrected photometer, so as to further improve the already accurate sensing as experienced with the range of SELC photocontrols. Photodiodes do not experience internal drift when compared with cadmium sulphide detectors and any measurable drift is calculated in millions of hours. Their use in light detection is now of importance due to the increased awareness by electricity supply utilities of the high drift associated with other detectors.

      The patented Relay Assisted Triac (RAT) switching technique has been employed successfully in photocontrols by SELC for many years. No deterioration of the switching circuit was detected after the completion of the tests.

      BSI Testing in the UK has tested the RAT switch for thirty thousand switching cycles, switching 3 x 400W high pressure sodium lamps and gear incorporating 135uF total load capacitance. Each cycle consisted of 2 minutes ON followed by two minutes OFF. No deterioration in performance was observed after completion of the tests.

      DIAKON™ acrylic has excellent weathering properties in transparent form and shows little if any degradation of transparency under conditions of intense sunlight over long periods of time.

      Range Applications

      • Street and road lighting
      • Security and flood lighting
      • Amenity and sign lighting
      • All type of industrial and consumer external lighting
      • All types of high intensity discharge lighting up to 1800VA
      • Other loads that utilise dusk to dawn as the switching method