SELC Part Night Photocell 8480

    • Ambient accurate light sensing
    • Omni directional ambient light sensing
    • Light sensor drift zero over 6 years
    • Fit and forget
    • Relay Assisted Triac (RAT) switching
    • IP 67 sealed enclosure when fitted (NEMA type only)
    • Better than 25 years life expectancy
    • DIAKON™ acrylic conical cover ensuring good ambient light transmission during lifetime
    • Available in one part NEMA and hard wired configuration
    • Circuit power consumption <0.25W
    • Internal time tracker
    • Calculated “Midnight” referencing
    • State-of-the-art micro-controlled circuitry for control of sensing time delays and RAT switch sequencing
    • Relay Assisted Triac switching circuit. This unique switching technology ensures that power loss is negligible when carrying the load and ensures that up to 10
    • Amps of inductive power can be switched without overheating or switch breakdown
    • All SELC PECU’s are fitted with mains transient suppressors so as to increase both the life of the control and luminaire
    • The hard-wired configuration method is invaluable where photocontrols are installed in areas of high vandalism or terrorist instability




      Product Type SELC 8480 Part Night Photocell
      Switch Type Patented Relay Assisted Triac (RAT)
      Operating Voltage 200-260 Volts 50/60 Hz
      Switch On/Off ratios Factory set to one of the following: 1:2; 1:1.5; 1:1; 1:0.5 (ref description above in relation to switching
      Switching Levels Factory set at 70 Lux or as per customers specification
      Sensor Drift Zero over 6 years
      Switching Delay 25 seconds
      Part-night Switch Off Time “Midnight + 5 hours (ref description above in relation to switching)
      Part-night Switch On Time “Midnight” (ref description above in relation to switching)
      Accuracy Nominally +/- evening to evening due to spectral variation
      Load Handling 3 x 400W HID Luminaires
      Maximum Load Current


      Temperature Range

      -40˚C to +70˚C (-40˚F to +158˚F)

      Weathering Performance <1% decrease in light transmission over 6 years
      Enclosure Sealing  IP67 When fitted (NEMA type only)
      Circuit Power Consumption <0.25Watts (15mW typical)
      Guarantee 10 Years (subject to SELC Terms & Conditions)
      Manufacturing Standard IS EN ISO 9001:2008
      Photocontrol Standard Applicable parts of BS 5972
      Sealed Housing IP 67
      EMC EN 55015, EN 61547, EN61000-3-2,EN 61000-3-3

      The SELC 8480-PN and the SELC 8482-PN normal functions of switch “On” at dusk and “Off” at dawn commence the first night of installation. The part-night function will not commence until the second night. This is due to the photocontrols requiring the first night to calculate “Midnight”.

      These photocells are designed with an inbuilt calculated “Midnight” feature. In addition to the dusk to dawn “On” and “Off” feature, the SELC 8480-PN and the SELC 8482-PN have an energy saving timing function built in so as to switch “Off” the road and street lights at calculated “Midnight” and on again at a customer specified time in the morning.

      The lux level for switch “On” and for switch “Off” are set after discussing the specific customer needs and so is the part-night off time duration.

      Range Applications

      • Street and road lighting
      • Security and flood lighting
      • Amenity and sign lighting
      • Industrial and consumer external lighting
      • Controls all high intensity discharge and LED lighting up to 2000VA
      • Other loads that require part-night photocell control

      The SELC 8480-PN & 8482-PN offers...

      • Control of all types of HID and LED outdoor lighting
      • Controls all HID lamp loads up to 2000VA
      • Calculated “Midnight” reference point
      • The internal micro time tracker switches “On” at dusk and off at calculated “Midnight”
      • Large energy savings
      • Normal PEC switching On/Off ratios
      • Switches on if required five hours after calculated midnight

      Highest quality design, manufacture and test techniques employed

      All products tested 100% x 3

      • 100% Electrical test
      • 100% burn-in
      • 100% Final inspection