SELC SmartStar® 45W - 150W
Electronic Ballast 

  • Unity power factor
  • Small compact size
  • Lamp current crest factor <1.4 (typically <1.1)
  • Total supply current harmonic distortion <15% (typically <8%)
  • No acoustic resonance regardless of lamp type
  • Ignition and power waveform designed to power all HID Lamps (SON, MetalHalide, Cosmo, StreetWise, Lucalox, AURA, PowerBall etc)
  • Lamp end of life shutdown and reporting feature
  • Can be factory set to any HID lamp power between 45W - 150W
  • The perfect drive power waveform to power old and new lamps
  • Designed for a range of International monitoring and control systems:DALI, Lon Works etc
  • Safety splash proof cover (on request)
  • Factory configured part-night available (on request)
  • Two versions available - 10m or 25m ignition
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Mains Input Voltage 180 - 260 Volts 50/60Hz
Power Factor Typically >0.98
Dimensions 184mm X 78mm X 46mm
Ballast Power Consumption <1 watt
Lamp Types All Types of HID Lamps
Lamp Wattage  45 to 150 Watts HID Lamps
Maximum Case Temperature  75˚C
Minimum Case Temperature -20˚C
Load Current Crest Factor <1.4 (typically <1.1)
Power Waveform Frequency  80Hz
Lamp Power Variation  <3% over 180V to 260V supply voltage
Efficiency  >90%
Harmonic Distortion & EMC N 55015; EN 61547; EN 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3
Manufacturing Quality IS EN ISO 9001:2008
Ripple Current  Less than 3.6%
Ignition  3.2KV

SELC SmartStar® Ballasts offer an affordable, high quality and intelligent street lighting solution to power all High PressureSodium, Metal Halide (including COSMO CDM HQI) and HIDLamps. This reliable and flexible Electronic Ballast can be programmed with interactive communications software so as to allow two-way communication with Control and Monitoring Systems incorporating Lon Works & DALI. SELC SmartStar® Ballasts eliminate any form of arc tube damage and maintain full power to the lamp even if the mains input voltage dips or fluctuates to 70V below its nominal.

Even if there is no two way communication this ballast can be programmed to dim or switch on/off at specified times during the night with the use of a standard photocell or where group switching is employed. Manufactured in the EU the SmartStar® Ballasts can be specified with up to four different dimming regimes per night for energy saving, carbon reduction and safety.