The SELC sockets are a further example of innovation in NEMA socket design, which greatly increases reliability.

Those sockets incorporate Phosphor Bronze contacts hardened to 370 Vickers, which reduce contact resistance and offer significantly improved longevity. Phosphor Bronze has the best anticorrosion, mechanical strength, conductivity and spring qualities of any contact material available.



Voltage Rating 105 to 305 Volts 50/60Hz
Current Rating 10A
Contacts 98% Cu - 2% Be
Contact Hardness > 370 Vickers
Terminals Brass
Enclosure Nylon (UL 94VO)
Guarantee 1 Year

Further hardening during manufacture improves its properties even further so as to ensure reliable contact with the terminals.

The SELC 843 is 100% waterproof and dust-proof with breakaway tabs instead of a socket cap to ensure the luminaire will not be damaged by the ingress of water or moisture if the PECU is not installed. This overcomes the common problem experienced whereby caps tend to become loose in service due to environmental stressing and shrinkage of the plastic.

A further innovation is the SELC 843/S (Special) NEMA socket which is designed for rapid installation. In addition to the features of the standard socket, the screws are moulded into the enclosure. The SELC 843/S has been designed to fulfil the need of OEM’s for rapid installation of the product.

It is ideal for use in the construction of PECU roof test facilities.

All sockets are supplied complete with socket to luminaire sealing gaskets and can also be supplied with waterproof/ dust-proof caps.

The SELC 844 is manufactured from Beatle Nylon which has outstanding weather and flame resistant properties.

It is available in a range of colours.