Control Management System (CMS) —

How It Works

Wireless Control Management System

A real-time radio frequency controlled, adaptive control mesh network. Sensors collect data from the environment which is then communicated via IPV6 (security) network to the Cloud data collection server. Utilise our software system or your own via simplified Application Programming Interface. The system is open, adaptive as well as being the most secure on the market today.

Features of networked streetlights

Proven business case – Return on Investment

Centralized lighting controls pay for themselves in lower energy and maintenance costs, and they future-proof LED investments by providing ongoing adaptation of local lighting levels. The citywide IoT network comes with it.

  • Radio Access Points system can be deployed in a matter of days to cover a complete city.
  • Network system is maintained in the NaaS cost.
  • Connect lights or assets as required.
  • Few base stations required.